Mission Statement

Nicaragua Mission Statement

Our mission in Managua, Nicaragua is to fulfill the calling God has placed on our lives to minister to Spanish speaking people in a Latino culture. Our plan is to serve in and encourage an established Vineyard Church until, by God’s leading, we are sent out to plant a church.

5 Year Overview

Year 1- Immediately attend Spanish language school while living in the community, establishing relationships and getting acclimated to our new culture. This will include exploring potential job opportunities and envisioning “tent making” possibilities (with a goal to become more financially self sufficient).

Year 2- Participate in Church leadership and identify those who feel called to take part in a church plant.  Began scouting surrounding towns and areas to see where churches are needed.

Years 3&4- Execute the logistics of a church plant i.e. physical relocation, building, church protocol structuring, ect.

Year 5- Focus on discipling and training leaders in the church plant with a vision toward handing the church over to them.  Then, preparing to start the 5 year process over again.


3 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. I find this missions statement to be very inspirational. The fact that you want to replace yourself in church leadership every five-years is fantastic.

    God bless you in you mission in Nicaragua.

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