The Team

We have been here for six months now and oh, how the time flies. We are truley learning that anything can and does happen. Our daily “to do” lists are very Nica, as they contain one to two chores or errands that could take anywhere from twenty minutes to three days to accomplish, but hey we’re on Nica. time.
We started the new year off with the challenge of replacing my, Preston, lost/police confiscated/stolen…. drivers license. A day or so after being stopped by the traffic police I realized I could not find it anywhere. I dismanteled half the dashboard in our car looking for it. I thought it may have sliped down into whatever is behind the glove box. With no license Carrie rose to the occassion and quickly mastered, not only our five speed stick shift, but the mad streets of Managua as well.
This setback soon turned into a blessing though…during this time our friend Donny Long (who has plenty of Latin American driving expierence) joined our ministry team as “the driver”, choffering me and the other team members to one of our weekly English classes out in the country. We hope to start a Bible study through this class this year.
Well, after two days of running around, I was able to get a provisional license that must be renewed every three months. Now that we have been through the proccess it should be rather easy to do again three months from now.
Also we have learned some taxi edicet, and bus routes…which make getting around in the city easier, and we don’t always have to drive in all the… let’s call it “fun.”
Because of the people God has brought into our lives to help share in this passion of disiplmaking He has given us, our needs for a vehicle have changed. That’s why the newest member to join the team is Patrona, our new/old VW Micrbus.
She is Bazilian, and was made in 1991. I know, I didn’t think so either, but thank God we found a mechanic that is a trustworthy guy and only works on… VW buses! He confirmend that information for us. At this time Patrona is getting a little work done, and as soon as she is ready the other car is going up for sell.
Thanks for your prayers, if we believe we are answering the call of God on our lives, then prayer for direction and faith is the abbsolute priority. Also, please pray that Patrona stays running strong, and that our other car sells. Thanks for reading.


Preston & Carrie



Donnie & Eva



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