After our first year in Nicaragua it was great to head back to Texas for a visit. We stayed for a month, and while that seems a long time, it’s not. Our first order of business was to visit our parents. This was easy on account of the fact that they live about four blocks from one another. At first we felt that this was going to be a great time of rest and relaxation with a few meetings here and there to “talk shop.” Another layer of our calling to Nicaragua was quickly revealed to us, that we are cross cultural.  I know you are probably thinking “yeah and… your just figuring that out?”

Time well spent.

For those that don’t know our “missionary” life began well before we wound up here. PK’s Pies, was the first of many leaps of faith, and a good training ground for living by a day-to-day faith. Our little pie venture, as I like to call it, got us through some tough times in the three years we did it, and was a sort of segway into full-time ministry. So when planning our trip/home-coming, we though a pie bake sale to reconnect with some of our customers/supporters would be a great idea.

Thanksgiving in September.

While reminiscing about our last holiday season in business we were quickly overwhelmed at the idea of baking a ton of pies. So we decided to scrap the idea and use the time to call on local churches in our neck of the woods that might be interested in missions to Nicaragua. We shared this idea with our missions coordinator back home in Texas, and he thought it was a horrible idea. He encouraged us to think outside the missions box and to pursue those old customers/supporters for the sake of the mission. And what is the mission? Relationship.

He was right, after all we are cross-cultural. Meaning that we are straddling both sides of the border. We want to inspire hope in Nicaragua, as well as hope IN Nicaragua. So with the help of our friend (the missions coordinator) we came up with the plan to bake a few pies, sell some by the slice, and auction off the rest. We called it the PK’s Pies social and auction.

After the Turkey.

It was great to reconnect with some of the people who believed in our dream, and to share God’s calling with them, and they with us. We had a good crowd that night at the social, and at auction one of the pies went for over $200. A great amount of money was raised as people-with whom God gave us favor – sewed into our lives. God told us  “It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. I’ll bring you favor if you stay faithful to the community/culture I called you to, in both Nicaragua and Texas.”

With the money from the social and auction, we were able to buy some much-needed supplies for home schooling the kids, and a few things for around the house, like a descent bed. Even Petrona (our VW bus) has received some well deserved attention.

Our friend painted her wheels red for us while we were gone. She looks great.


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