A Day to be Thankful

We had a great time this Thanksgiving hosting a dinner at our house.  The turkey or Pavo as it’s known here in Nicalandia, is a bit pricey so we opted for a few rotisserie chickens instead.  Besides, covered in enough gravy it all tastes the same, and as an added bonus there’s no tryptophan to induce grogginess.  We splurged and bought a bag of fancy imported pecans (their all imported here as there are no pecan trees this far south of Texas) to make pies.  The menu consisted of  chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce (canned cranberry is all we could get our hands on), and sweet potato casserole.  Since we first started shopping at the super market by our house we noticed they had sweet potatoes, we have always said “we should buy some and make…” so we decided to put it on the Holiday menu. Of coarse keeping in tradition with all things Nicaragua we again learned the lesson of not relying on something that has “always” been there, because the Wednesday before the big day when we went shopping, there were no sweet potatoes!  We took it in stride and decided to just have mashed potatoes…were we upset that we would not have sweet potato casserole?  OF COARSE…but we had pie and other great things being served.  Pies were in the oven all day long as we baked 6 delicious pecan and buttermilk pies.  We told everybody to be here at 4p.m. and expected them around 5 or 6p.m. as is the Nicaraguan way, but the first guest showed up at 4p.m. on the dot, a bit unusual here in Nicaragua.  They wanted to be on time because they all knew how important this day was to us.  The rest of the guests followed promptly, just as Carrie was in the middle of finishing the meal.  Since we had been running the oven all day and in true luck of any planned happenings that go on, we ran out of propane gas, before the dinner was done and the 5lbs of potatoes had begun to boil.  This put us in quite an awkward position as we waited the hour and a half for the propane to come.  A house full of punctual Nicas celebrating a gringo Holiday, and the two of us running late.  Bazaro Thanksgiving.  The propane delivery guy finally showed up, the tanked was hooked up, the dinner was finished and served (without the mashed potatoes as they were not done). The table was loaded with pecan pie and buttermilk pie, as we sat around on the front porch laughing and joking in Spanglish.  We made plates for our neighbors and a neighbor came over with a cake to celebrate his birthday with us.  A great time was had by all.

Luis and his English certificate from the class he takes at University

Zeneyda and her daughter…Raymond made flash cards for her daughter and gave them to her that night…so cute.

The kiddos

Praying for the meal

Food line…the only left overs were the 5 lbs. of potatoes that we are still finishing off.


Gustavo and his birthday cake…he’s our neighbor and we love him.

Marlon and Caroline

Those in attendance were the members from both of our two weekly home group meetings. This was the first time we have combined the two groups and thank God we had enough food. In all and including ourself there were about 23 people mostly adults enjoying fairly traditional American food.  We felt like the Pilgrims from Thanksgivings past as we enjoyed the blessings of God in a place and with a people not our own, proof that the Kingdom of God goes beyond “new worlds,” borders, and culture.  It wasn’t hard for our Nica friends to join in on account that this Holiday was started cross-culturally, and is annually celebrated by a nation of immigrants.



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