What’s happening now?

Preston and I wanted to inform everybody about the things God is doing here…the things that have been started and the way we are growing as a ministry and a church. Tri Robinson was here recently, and we really got a chance to sit down and talk with him. We will be working with the Isaiah House and i-61 (for more information click here) and are very excited about what the future holds for them.

First of all I want to say that things have been getting busy really fast, and the Lord is teaching us a lot. The following is an overview of the ministries run out of the church and the projected goals for the future.

The last Tuesday of every month we have a womens outing with the church. Since the church is mostly men this gives the women a chance to grow together…I probably just mentioned this because I’m a women and it’s so much fun…lol

August 2013 184
Wednesday evening we have bilingual homegroup. Homegroup is actually growing rather quickly. Last week we had more people than chairs, so some of our leaders just stood in the back. We have about as many people attending homegroup as we do church, but the people in homegroup are different than those in church. We are thinking about making homegroup a bilingual class that splits off into small groups to discuss the homegroup questions.
August 2013 033August 2013 016August 2013 023Thursday-Saturday the Thrift Shop and Bakery are open from 9am-5pm. Right now the thrift shop/ bakery are helping pay for the other ministries we have as well as paying three part time employees (who attend church). We are looking into shipping and hope to be able to have donations sent to Texas and shipped over here, as well as people bringing donations down through the Isaiah House (they have been the main source for supply and we are so thankful for that). The thrift shop/bakery are a major part of the things we are doing here.
August 2013 036
August 2013 039August 2013 035August 2013 040
Friday at 3pm we have an English class for beginners. In the next couple months we hope to grow this into more of an Academy. This Academy would run at least three different classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learning. When people are done at the Academy we can start plugging them into translating jobs, if they attend the church. At 5pm we have our weekly staff meeting to set goals, and address the church’s needs.
On the last Friday of every month we have a leadership workshop for the training and cultivating of the leaders in our church.
August 2013 003August 2013 007Saturday at 6pm we go out and give the homeless coffee and a pastry to remind them that Sunday we will be serving lunch. Sometimes they can’t remember what day it is, so this helps them out. We do this rain or shine and it is done as a part of the Homeless Project.
Sunday at 12pm we feed the Homeless lunch at a park near us. We do this rain or shine also as a part of the homeless project. Those who help serve in the park come back and eat together before having our bilingual church service at 3pm.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoU6ltDG040 (this is a video of us going one Sunday)

Church is also growing quite rapidly. We just started our childrens minisrty. Our house seems to be getting smaller and smaller when it comes to accommodating our church…lol. We have a translating team that rotates for service on Sundays. We also have a rotating teaching team for childrens church (so that only once a month people will be missing church to teach the children).

August 2013 099August 2013 103August 2013 107August 2013 109

What is the Homeless Project?
Phase 1- We are doing phase 1 of the homeless project right now. We go out and feed the homeless and bless them. We have a homeless man, Estevon, who comes by our house every morning to receive a cup of coffee.
July 2013 095We were able to give him a new testament bible that Isaiah House gave us. He now attends the church and has started coming to homegroup.
August 2013 017
All clothes that we can’t use in the thrift store go to help the homeless.
Phase 2- This will be a homeless house with people running it 24/7. This will be a place for the Homeless to come and have a safe place to sleep, a shower, wash clothes, eat, and get prayer. We have a run down of what this will cost us…people can donate as little as $3 a month to help purchase things like toilet paper and soap. The plan includes a list of appliances needed, but not the cost because we can get stuff used or possibly donated.
Phase 3- A rehabilitation center. This will be a separate house where we can send the people who are regulars at the homeless house, who are ready to make a change. In this house they will have responsibilities as well as counseling. We are working on relationships with other businesses who would be willing to take apprenticeships for these people, so we can plug them into places for jobs, when they are healthy enough to do so.
We have plenty of places for people to serve. We can plug people in, who are wanting to come and help, to any one of these ministries. Medical/Dental teams are needed for the homeless. This is something we will need lots of support in. Please if you are wanting to help and don’t know how contact us at kolbcarrie@gmail.com (I will send you the project rundown). We need financial help for shipping clothes, clothing donations, or any one of the things on the Homeless Project…and we ALWAYS need prayer. People can help as little or as much as they want.

5 thoughts on “What’s happening now?

  1. It is so exciting to watch how things are developing so rapidly this year! I pray for you guys often and hope to help with sending donations. I pray the Lord bless you and the work you are doing in Managua.

    • We miss y’all so much! Just so you know I got your email and will be responding soon. Our time with you in Panama was just what we needed, and The Lord used that trip to kick us off! Thank you so much for your many prayers…we love y’all.

  2. This is awesome! i am so happy to see how God is blessing the ministry and all your work in Nicaragua! We miss you guys!

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