A Building!

We at Vineyard Community Church have been noticing the necessity for a church building lately.  We have many ministries running out of the church (our house) right now and are ready to get started on phase 2 of the Homeless Project.  We have been actively looking for a church for about a month or two now, and recently found one.  We signed the contract last night…I can hardly contain my excitement!

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This building is in walking distance from our house.  The building has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a porch, and a large living room area where church will be held.  All the ministries will be run out of the church and we are also looking to start a cyber cafe to help cover the cost of the building.

Right now we are looking to start phase 2 of the Homeless Project.  What will that look like?  Well, we are starting with one of our homeless leaders.  Esteban is one of our homeless leaders…he comes to church every Sunday, comes to homegrooup every Wednesday, brings donations to the clothing store, sweeps the front area of our house.  We talk with him EVERY day.  Esteban is looking to change his life.  He wants to be able to be a part of things, but knows he stinks and people are turned off by his looks.  That has never stopped him from participating and being accepted.  Here are some pictures of Esteban…

July 2013 095August 2013 017

Right now we are in the process of preparing the church for him.  We will set up a room for him, and have somebody staying in the house with him every night.  We are in the process of setting up a routine for him, that would possibly include him working in the thrift store.  At first the homeless house includes Esteban staying at the house, and opening the house on a daily basis for an hour or so for homeless to shower and wash their clothes.  We will have extra clothes from the thrift store for them to wear while their clothes are drying.  Each person will have their own bathroom bag with their name on it.  I will be giving hair cuts once a month.  We are starting out with one, because that’s what we can afford, but hopefully this number will grow in the future.  Esteban will be expected to go to every church event, be active in classes, help with cleaning the facility, and do a daily bible study.

How can you help?  Right now we have a couple beds but we need mattresses, sheets, an oven, a fridge, dishes, cups, soap, shampoo…the list goes on.  If you would like to help us out financially with this project please contact me at kolbcarrie@gmail.com for further information on how you can help.  We will be starting phase 2 as soon as possible. We will make sure to keep you updated.  Thank you for the prayers.


5 thoughts on “A Building!

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  2. I know you don’t need me to say this, because the evidence is before you, but, you are doing the exact work that God has called you to. You have listened to The Lord and He has given you instruction, wisdom and very specific directions as to the very form your church and ministry are to take. I bless The Lord for His Kingdom is expanding to these precious and formerly hopeless people, who are now duplicating the very thing you are doing! Our Father in Heaven rejoices not only for the New Births these people are experiencing, but also for their continued daily growth. May our loving Father continue to bless you both as you faithfully serve Him.
    Steve Banks

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