Some Personal Needs

Hey there folks, we have a couple of needs at this moment.  Usually our needs consist of the men in the rehabilitation and other things going on in Nicaragua, but this isn’t one of those.  We have a couple of personal needs, so I thought I might reach out to our friends and family.

1)  We NEED to come home for a month or so.  It’s time to spend some time with family and possibly visit some churches who have personally visited The Vineyard Community Linda Vista.  I found some tickets to fly all 5 of us out round trip for $2,445.

2)  I NEED a hernia repair.  I have an umbilical hernia which is getting worse and worse.  I have planned to take care of it, but every time we get a little bit of money there is another need.  I keep praying that it gets healed supernaturally, but it is very painful.  We can get the surgery, here, for about $900.

So, financially we are needing $3,345 total.  We have about 30% of that.  Thank you to everybody who gives financially, who prays for us, who writes us, and who thinks about us.  We really do appreciate all you do to support us here.

Ways to Give:

Press the “donate” button on the home page of this blog and give through paypal.

Mail a check to (*please put “big picture missions” or Preston or Carrie Kolb in the memo):

Conroe Vineyard

1126 N. San Jacinto

Conroe, TX 77301

*Please specify that this is a one time donation for one of the above mentioned.  You can personally e-mail me at or Preston at or you can write a note on your donation.


2 thoughts on “Some Personal Needs

  1. COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! SEEING YOUR FACE IN PERSON! Sorry for the all caps. Prayers for your needs to be met!

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