Big Picture Missions is a sponsor supported outreach focused on day to day Church life, and church planting in Managua Nicaragua. We believe the “big picture” is made real by valuing, and sharing a step by step, moment by moment relationship building life

We believe in The Church, and know it can be one of the hardest places to follow Jesus. We are currently members at La Vina Church Managua, and believe all outreach should be done through the local Church, for the purpose of calling the lost into community. Learning to follow is key to leading, we are currently serving in the church as: part of the pastoral team, worship team, counselors, youth pastors, and outreach leaders.

Some say work is 20% what you do and 80% who you do it with. The sole purpose of all our current projects is to cultivate relationship with those we do them with, and for. Our current project is our ESL programs which gives people an opportunity to better their lives in the job market. We have higher level students who are helping us out as translators.


The next projects we are hoping to begin is opening an English/Spanish book store. Also, putting together an English teaching team to handle the growing demand for English classes.


We believe that God has called us here to Nicaragua and is our sole provider, because of this we ask that before you think about helping in a financial way, you pray. Yes, we are here on Sponsorships and Donations and we very much appreciate any help that we are given, we want that help to be lead by the Holy Spirit and by the people God is calling to do so.
If you would like to help in a financial way please send check or money order to:

1126 North San Jacinto Street Conroe, TX 77301 (please put Big Picture Missions in the memo).

Or pay online http://conroevineyard.org/

click on “Give”
and you can give in the “Missions” spot then send an e-mail so we can let the church know it’s for Big Picture Missions. Our e-mail address is kolbcarrie@gmail.com

Or you can donate here on our www.bigpicturemissions.wordpress.com page using the paypal button.

Thank you so much for your interest,

Preston and Carrie Kolb


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